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Baseball Prospect Showcase

Work on your game and have a chance to show your talent in front of college baseball coaches this fall!

A prospect showcase for the South Arkansas Community College Stars NJCAA baseball program, presented by Stars head coach Cannon Lester and assistants, is set for Saturday, Oct. 23, at Field 4 of the El Dorado-Union County Recreation Complex, 2409 Champagnolle Road in El Dorado. The event is open to current high-school players with graduation years of 2022-2025.

To register, complete the below form and make payment of $50 through this online link:

Additionally, print out and complete the linked Liability Waiver and present it on-site at the start of the showcase.


SouthArk Baseball Prospect Showcase

2:00-2:30-Registration        Pitchers/Catchers 2-Way Players


2:30 - Stretch & Throw


3:30-4:00-Position Players Registration


4:00-Stretch & Throw

4:20-Outfield Defense & Throw

        RF- 5 total 2 throws to Third Base 3 throws to Home

4:40- Infield Defense & Throw

         SS- 5 Total (2 at you,  left,  backhand, slow roller)

5:00- Catcher Pop Times          

5:10- 30 YD Timed 2X Hp-->1st                                                                       

5:10-6:10 pm - Batting Practice-IF Live

         3 Rounds of 6 (Lester-6, Atec-6, Atec-6)


Remember your #, you will go in order all day long. Yell your # before every Round


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